Scientific Director of Reproductive Medicine lab

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Scientific Director of Reproductive Medicine lab

• Developing content and maintaining revisions of standard operatingprocedures
• Supervising and at times performing technical laboratory procedures
• Designing and monitoring Laboratory quality management and trainingprograms
• Evaluating and implementing new Laboratory procedures
• Setting evaluation and outcome measurement standards for andconducting performance appraisals of andrology and embryology laboratoryemployees
• Coordinating day-to-day operation of the Laboratory
• Liaising with other professional groups within the clinic includingnursing and physicians
• Keeping the Laboratory current in new developments in reproductivemedicine
• Designing and monitoring the Laboratory data management program
• Troubleshooting problems in the Laboratory
• Overseeing management of Laboratory equipment and supplies
• Ensuring compliance of the Laboratory with all relevant regulations
• Membership of the Reproductive Medicine management team
• Acting as the professional practice leader for the laboratorytechnologists
• Responsible for reporting laboratory outcomes
• Collaborating with staff engaged in research
• Relate and function effectively with applicable accrediting andregulatory agencies, appropriate administrative officials, the medicalcommunity, and the patient population served.
• Acts as an information/technical resource on testing methods andprocedures and laboratory operations, safety, and training.
• Gives lectures on lab new test techniques or laboratory management inlaboratory and hospital.
• Ensure that there are sufficient qualified personnel with adequatedocumented training and experience to supervise and perform the work ofthe clinical laboratory.
• Participate in the interview or final selection of new staff andcontribute to decisions concerning staffing or operations.
• Supervises personnel, which typically includes recommendations forhiring, firing, performance evaluation, training, work allocation, andproblem resolution.
• Participates in education class and continuing education programs.Attends workshops, seminars, and lectures to keep current on newinstrumentation, techniques and procedures as assigned.

• PhD required, in a field of reproductive biology
• Minimum of 5 years of clinical human assisted reproduction laboratoryexperience, including andrology, embryology
• Minimum 5 years supervisory experience and training of laboratorystaff
• 5 years experience managing all aspects of an IVF or similarlaboratory.
• Advanced English level in listening, speaking, reading and writing ispreferred.
• Written and spoken Mandarin is an advantage
• Experience in blastocyst culture, embryo biopsy and PGD, cell fixationfor FISH and preparation of blastomeres for aCGH, oocyte and embryovitrification, laser assisted hatching, polar body biopsy andtrophectoderm biopsy expertise
• Differentiates and resolves technical, instrument, physiologic causesof problems or unexpected test results.
• Ability to train hospital staff on laboratory reproductive medicine.
• Ability to make administrative/procedural decisions and judgments andperformance management skills.
• Skill in budget preparation and fiscal management.
• Employee development and performance management skills.
• Proactive and creative problem solver who is solution oriented, aconsensus builder and who works to help team members
• Strong organizational and time-management skills
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