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Chief Executive Officer of the University Cancer Institute of Toulouse Midi-Pyr��n��es


The innovative European campus, Oncopole Cancer Campus of Toulouse(South of France), will house over 4,000 persons on a site covering almost 2 million m��, with the combined support of the European Community, the French Government, local public authorities and private investment exceeding one billion Euros. This Cancer Campus will include at its heart a large University Cancer Institute (UCI), which will feature both a 300-bed 65,000 m�� hospital and the adjoining 10,000 m�� Cancer Research Center of Toulouse (CRCT, which is a Inserm/CNRS/University Paul Sabatier laboratory), including a total floor space for research team (5200 m2), their administration (800 m2) and many facilities (such as 2700 m2 animal facility).

The UCI is connected on site to:

- an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to innovation in biology (Centre P. Potier/ITAV)

- pharmaceutical companies (Sanofi, Pierre Fabre) and biotechs

- a large amount of technological platforms and facilities.

The UCI will also benefit from foundations (RITC/ InNaBioSant��) and a network (Oncomip) to coordinate and improve the efficiency of research exploitation and healthcare practices in Toulouse.

The University of Toulouse, acting on behalf of the co-sponsors of the Oncopole, is inviting applications for the important post of Chief Executive Officer of UCI.

The CEO will run the UCI including the Hospital and the Cancer Research Center of Toulouse. He/she will bring vision and main orientations for research and care. He/she will define in co-development with the main key stakeholders, and his/her team, the medical and scientific project. He/she will then be responsible for the implementation of the project, impacting research works, translational research, therapeutical protocols, technological platforms, innovation transfer, international partnerships��� He/she will contribute to develop the UCI in 5 years as one of the most renowned international cancer centers.


��� Have the responsibility of drawing up the medical and scientific programs, budgets and reports;

��� Support the implantation and the development of new clinical and research labs at the UCI (Hospital and CRCT);

��� Promote the UCI at the international level;

��� Favor the industrial development of UCI findings together with the Oncopole partners (pharmas, Centre Pierre Potier/ITAV, etc.);

��� Coordinate the regional clinical strategy in the fields of oncology

He/she chairs a Board, with the Secretary General, the Research Director and the Hospital Director.

He/she must be a MD/PhD in an oncological discipline and have a successful track record in the management of a hospital and/or a translational research lab and/or a health or research organization

The CEO will start his/her mission at the latest on January 1st 2013.

This is a 5 year position with internationally competitive salary.

All applications will be considered by the nominating committee chaired by J. Mendelsohn (Houston).

Candidates should submit their curriculum vitae + letter of application + list of publications + letters of recommendation to the President of University of Toulouse 3, Pr. Gilles FOURTANIER (iuc.recrutement@univ-tlse3.fr)

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