Remote Application Specialist

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Remote Application Specialist

Role Summary/Purpose: An MR Remote Application Specialist (RAS) isresponsible for providing customers with technical and clinical support,addressing their questions and issues via remote application system,which is an IT based solution with online support function. RAS is alsoresponsible for all customer issue and requirement tracking andproviding summary report timely.
Essential Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for providing remotetechnical and clinical applications support to customers in regards toproduct functionality and utilization after the sales process.

2. Focus on resolution of customer issues and act as information liaisonbetween Headquarters and field regarding customer concerns and feedback.

3. Provide routine follow up calls after remote application service.

4. Develop and maintain problem/solution database and develop FAQs.Simplify responses to callers via development and implementation ofconcise consistent step by step responses for recurring call topics.

5. Must be able to demonstrate proficiency in using the productsapplications in a clinical setting.

6. In long term, deliver and assist in developing remote trainingprograms.
Qualifications/Requirements: 1. Bachelor’s Degree, preferably majored inMedical.

2. More than 3 years of clinical working experience required.

3. Outstanding communication and presentation skills, able toeffectively communicate issues and proposals to external customer andinternal teams.

4. Solid customer handling and problem solving skill, with goodknowledge about internal processes and resources, and strong ability toresolve conflict with effective proposals.

5. Proficient in English material reading and good at computer skills.

6. Self-motivated, willingness to proactively identify opportunities forimprovement and take actions.

7. Ability to work independently.
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